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"Hi Anna, It was such a pleasure meeting you today. Thanks so much for all your help and good advice and great COACHING!! You will make an excellent and very effective coach to anyone. I hope to do my own work so that I too, can exude the confidence you have - can have boundaries where needed - and be a great help to others :) Thank you, thank you, thank you :)"
Take care, Gretchen G.

"When I hired Anna and discussed my main concern that I am overweight, I explained how I did not like my appearance because of that. In the past, I tried incredibly hard to reduce my weight. I joined a gym but left after a bit. Anna helped me see a different angle. She helped me to love and accept my body, gave me confidence and helped me to understand a different view of my situation. I want to say thanks to Anna and am really happy of the results."
- Rick J., San Francisco, CA

"Working with Anna was good experience, I have improved my personal life and relationships, and establish better understanding and balance in my life. She gave me several techniques and taught some yoga to learn how to relax. I am more confident and happy today as a result of her coaching."
- Subhodini N., Cupertino, CA

"I talked to some other life coaches before I approached Anna, and the best thing that I found in her is that she is a great listener, patient, and has a deep connection with her client. She offered solutions to my all issues. I got some cool ideas and tools to properly manage myself."
- Bob S.,(Small Business Owner), Chicago, IL

"Living a materialistic life, I needed support on the emotional side of me. I had couple of sessions with Anna and it helped me a lot to bring balance in my emotional state. She was extremely helpful. I can say a couple of sessions helped me change."
- Abhisar M.,(IT consultant), San Francisco, CA

"Working with Anna has been fantastic. I joined her self-development coaching sessions. I’ve come so far since we first started working together. I have been able to break through problems I was carrying from my past. I am so grateful I chose her as my life coach."
–Anya T., (Student), San Jose, CA