Life Coaching Packages

Create the life you want to live to discover your greatest self!

Life coaching sessions are designed to achieve a resolution focused on you. I’m a life coach specialized in self-development and relationship management. My style of coaching aims to analyze and evaluate your current situation, your strengths and weaknesses, that will help to improve in certain areas of your life.

Relationship Management Coaching Sessions Focuses on issues like manage & bring balance in marriages/relationships, parent-teens relationship problems, single parent and raising kid’s issues, single or going through separation. and getting married and want to know how to stay happy in relationship.

Self-Awareness Coaching Sessions These coaching sessions will be focused on issues like self- improvement, getting stuck in your emotions, unhealthy behaviors/bad habits, learning self-motivation, gain strength/confidence, raise your self-esteem, improve communication, find the purpose of life, connect to higher self, and learn how to create a right goal to achieve or find what you want.

Self Development & Career Coaching Sessions Either you’ve lost your job or you are afraid you’re going to lose it. You’re unhappy about your work, or you’re looking for an entirely different career path but do not know how to get it. If you’re having an unbalanced life, or you feel like your life is incomplete, it will be evident everywhere in your life and after every action you take. Most importantly, it will negatively affect your career the most. Career self-management sessions can help you in all of these situations. Your personal growth is your overall growth. If you invest time in managing yourself, it will bring a significant impact in your work.

Overall Wellness & Happiness Coaching Sessions Focused on learning basics of yoga and mediations techniques, you can also learn basic Ayurveda and Reiki and add it in your everyday life for total wellness. Join fun makeup coaching sessions for ladies only for self-grooming to bring confidence. Learn moving meditation or art/creative coaching sessions to balance your emotional energy. Choose any of these and join overall wellness and happiness sessions and learn how to create some new skills and be creative.

Big Life Traumas, Fear of Old Age & Death Coaching Sessions Coaching focused on problems such as sudden change in your life because of a death in the family, someone suddenly left or got rejected by family/friends because of certain reasons. Also, if you are living in fear of old age or death, living in fear of losing someone soon because of chronic disease, or any sudden change that has to be taken care right away.

Once you choose and find the reason of getting your own coaching session, then I will help you choose one of the packages below according to your needs.

» Price for 4 sessions coaching package- $360
» Price for 7 sessions coaching package- $615
» Price for 10 sessions coaching package- $850

Please sign the coaching agreement and email to before your first session.

Click here to download the coaching agreement in PDF Format.