Creativity and Self-Development

Create the life you want to live to discover your greatest self!

When we think of growth, we mostly think of big homes, money, career and finance. We never think of growth as a creative capacity or something that can bring change in our lifestyle, such as becoming a creative thinker, speaker, or taking creative right action. When we join a seminar, and hear a philosophical lecture or read an article or book, we think we have taken enough action to be creative. We never think to take the right action every day or know more about our creative self. Creativity is a feeling of freedom when you are not present but whole presence in you is working. That happens only when you are not having an obsession, passion or any mind created obstacles but you are completely relaxed and let yourself self-emerge.

Only ignorant people are non-creative or destructive, people who are creative are healthy, happy and never feel alone or left over. Learning arts, right communication skills, taking right actions to solve your problems, learning yoga how to take deep breath and relax are creative actions.

There is a difference in art and creativity. Artistic ability includes skills like painting, drawing, sculpting, musical composition, etc. Creativity ability is the skill to use our imagination to create and solve. You don't have to be an artist to be creative.

What you will get

In my one on one sessions you will learn How to bring more creativity in your life. How to manage your time to be more productive. How to bring right imagination to fulfill your dreams. How to be a creative thinker, learn right communication skills and how to apply it in your day to day life. Please book your 30-min free session.

"The more creative you are the more divine you are. To me, creativity is religion, to be creative means to be in love with life" ~ Osho