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Creativity and Self-Development

When we think of growth, we mostly think of big homes, money, career and finance. We never think of growth as a creative capacity or something that can bring change in our lifestyle, such as becoming a creative thinker, speaker, or taking creative right action. When we join a seminar, and hear a philosophical lecture or read an article or book, we think we have taken enough action to be creative. We never think to take the right action every day or know more about our creative self. Creativity is a feeling of freedom when you are not present but whole presence in you is working. That happens only when you are not having an obsession, passion or any mind created obstacles but you are completely relaxed and let yourself self-emerge. It is also a process of enlightenment.

Only ignorant people are non-creative or destructive, people who are creative are healthy, happy and never feel alone or left over. Reading books, right communication, learning how to work on your problems, learning yoga how to take deep breath and relax are creative actions.

There is a difference in art and creativity. Artistic ability includes skills like painting, drawing, sculpting, musical composition, etc. Creativity ability is the skill to use our imagination to create and solve. You don't have to be an artist to be creative.

How to bring creativity in your life

Be curious - There are many people who are curious to know more than beyond, want to learn and want to search. They have strong notions and strong skills that can solve any problem. They know how to go beyond the body and mind and find the reality to connect to the inner self. To see this curious self, you need to have a childlike nature and bring purity in you.

Be an organizer of your time - If you are taking actions every day to be organized, you will feel harmony and balance. Organization is an understanding to create peace and take care of inner issues as well. It helps people to make right decisions to follow the right path.

Be imaginative - Imagination and dreaming about your life or what you want to achieve, in right harmony, will bring an alignment with your inner self. And that is a creative action. We are all born with a peaceful nature, but as we grow older, we forget being balanced. We lack harmony, or we don’t bring the right imagination and dreams and take right actions towards.

Be a creative analyst - You put all that you have in your mind, analyze and correct the things which are needed to right away. Through correcting your thoughts, you can bring a major change in your lifestyle.

Be a creative thinker - You always think creatively, and you are growing in the direction that you want. You have great relationships, a productive working atmosphere, and more. Even though there are odds, you know how to take creative actions to remove all obstacles. Bringing creativity in your life is the right way to learn about and express your real self-nature.

Be a creative speaker - Whatever you speak is creative. Whatever problems you talk about can be solved. You know how to communication efficiently whenever you need. Your power of speech is based on truth and authenticity. You are a creator of your destiny, based on your creative communication.

Mantra is a Great Tool to Dissolve the Ego

American researcher Bernbaum says, mantra is no magic power, rather it releases latent forces within each person which are normally suppressed by the ego. Mantra dissolve the ego and opens the person to the universal forces within and around. we have energy centers or chakra and1st chakra is called birthplace of all sounds.

Mantra Improve Functioning of Nerves-When you chant a mantra in right way, it helps to strengthen and stimulate the functioning your nervous system. When we repeat a mantra, we are programming those words in our subconscious, repetitions of Sanskrit chants help us to remove chatters of mind and helps us to remove anxiety and fears, that really clears our mind from obnoxious thoughts. We are very sensitive in our nature, it is harsh rule of negativity that come and overpower. How to remove that negativity? just use the best tool to empower yourself, chant a mantra. A mantra should be chant in a right tone and vibration. It is the sound that create vibration to work on nervous system and strengthen it.

Mantra is the best tool to empower your soul

ॐ शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः ॥
Om Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah
Sarve Santu Nir-Aamayaah |
Sarve Bhadraanni Pashyantu
Maa Kashcid-Duhkha-Bhaag-Bhavet |
Om Shaantih Shaantih Shaantih ||

Om, May All become Happy,
May All be Free from Illness.
May All See what is Auspicious,
May no one Suffer.
Om Peace, Peace, Peace.

Live Mature Living

Live Mature living - Mature living is not just growing in age or physical development. It is more than that. We all need to learn how to live a happy and mature life, that is free from any dependencies. Mature living follows the middle of the road in everything. Too much of everything is bad. Excessive emotional involvement causes disorders, distractions and take us away from the realities of life, and make us prisoners of our passions and delusions. Mature living need to develop three kind of immunity, physical, mental, spiritual immunity against all suffering. Once you know mature living than you know how to take care of yourself, others and your work without any stress and problems.

What is mature Living? Mature living is more than growing in age or physical development. Mature living is about acceptance of other people around you as they are.

  • When you drop expectations from any relationship and give your love and care without conditions.
  • When you are, happy and satisfied from your life as it is. And want to improve every day for more better life.
  • When you learn to let go even it is hard and painful.
  • When you are not judgmental and know how to love unconditionally.
  • When you know the purity within you, and know express your real nature.
  • When you know the divine nature within and have a deep connection to express yourself flawless.
  • Maturity is when you are not self-centered and start thinking about other people’s and society welfare.
As your life coach, I will be guiding and introducing you the principles of mature living. You will know how to be a practitioner of mature living and not living in past not dreaming for future but acts only on the living present. You will learn how to be self-disciplined and self-aware. You will find out how to live your life by your values towards life. By learning right skills, you will find out how to be more productive by creating good habits. You will gain clarity and focus about your life, and will see opportunities, instead of problems. Life is beautiful as it is Live it with maturity.

Life Coaching and its benefits

Coaching, guiding, and mentoring helps people to choose the right direction so they can be closer to reality and their higher potential. A coach helps people to manage their life through skills that helps them transform their problems into resolvable solutions. There are many reasons that people choose to hire a life coach. The coaching relationship is a valuable connection between two people who are working towards a common goal. They work step by step together to take care of obstacles or issues that come along the way of personal, financial or relationships growth.

Life is a constantly changing between all of our commitments and priorities and finding the appropriate balance is a very challenging task. A coach can provide that objective viewpoint that will help you to see where your reality is not in alignment with your goals, purpose and priorities of life. Creating a life of balance reduces stress and increases your overall growth.

I am a certified life coach from Strategic Intervention providing services in Bay Area, CA. As a life coach, it is my goal to empower my clients to know their potential strength. I would like to help them to take action to create a life of success in important areas of their life to find their meaningful life goals and purpose. By my coaching sessions, you will be able to discover what your obstacles or challenges might be in your personal life or in your relationships, and you will be choosing a right action to make your life be what you want it to be.

Benefits from Coaching

  • You will know how to be self-disciplined and self-aware. You will learn how to live your life by your own values towards life.
  • You will enhance your communication skills, honor your own good word, and promises you make to others and to yourself.
  • You will learn step by step how to be more productive by creating good habits and thoughts and rejecting the ones not needed. You will gain clarity and focus about your life, and will see opportunities, instead of problems.
  • You will learn how to be action-oriented and how to make things work and will take right steps in your life.
  • You will learn how to be positive all the time. Attract good things in your life. No one can bring good luck to you, you have to keep attracting it.
  • You will learn to take care of yourself. You will be able to bring your mind, body and spirit together so you can be someone who can bring happiness and harmony within and around.
  • You will connect to your higher potential and learn to expand your creative side.
  • You will discover solutions to your personal and relationship's challenges and lead happier and more successful life.